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President's Prescription: Music and Your Health

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Whether you like classical, country, hip hop, rock or pop music, it has been shown that listening to your favorite song can actually improve your health. So here are some ways that incorporating more music into your day can be good for you.

·         Music makes you feel better. Studies show that music can effectively reduce the perceived intensity of pain, particularly in geriatric, intensive or palliative care.

·         Music helps you exercise better. People listening to fast or exciting music have been observed to perform better physically in studies compared to those who do not listen to music. Additionally, listening to music after a workout has been shown in one study to potentially help you recover faster.

·         Music makes you sleep better. A study done several years ago with college students who reported trouble sleeping showed that listening to classical music significantly helped the students sleep. This is a safe and inexpensive alternative to potentially habit-forming sleep medications.

·         Music makes your mood better. You already know music makes you feel better after a bad day. But, there is now real medical evidence to verify its effects. Music has been shown in studies to decrease stress and anxiety, relieve depression, improve cognitive performance and in general to elevate your mood.

So, go ahead play your favorite song or even play your favorite playlist over and over. As long as you make sure that it's not so loud that it will damage your hearing, it will be good for your health. 
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