Consider This...Buffalo Springs Lake must pay its debt

Consider This...Buffalo Springs Lake must pay its debt

It was a farsighted action in the 1950's that established Buffalo Springs Lake as a recreational and entertainment venue for residents of Lubbock County.

But recent boards of directors have proven to be shortsighted and today Buffalo Springs Lake owes Lubbock County over 382,000 dollars for elections.

The bill has been accruing since 2008 and not a dime was budgeted this year to pay down the debt.

If the Lake doesn't pay, then the taxpayers of Lubbock County will be left to foot the bill.

Consider this….When a governmental body signs a contract it must honor that contract.

Lubbock County is right to demand the debt be paid. County commissioners should not discount this bill a single dollar even if it means suing the lake board to collect.

If Buffalo Springs Lake refuses to honor its contract then perhaps the county should petition the next legislature for a more radical solution.

One that would result in the lake being run by a board that is honorable and responsible.

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