Consider This...Protect homeowners from 'appraisal creep'

Consider This...Protect homeowners from 'appraisal creep'

It is a twisted irony that no sooner have we filed our income tax returns than the Lubbock Central Appraisal District sends us the 2015 value of our homes. And, like taxes, appraisals seem only to go up.

Today, the appraisal on your home can increase up to ten percent per year.

The result is an across the board increase in property taxes to city, county and school without any input from you, the taxpayer. This appraisal creep has a greater impact on your bill than tax increases.

Senate Bill 156 addresses this by capping appraisal increases on residences at five percent.

Taxpayer supported organizations like Texas Municipal League and Texas Association of Counties have come out against Senate Bill 156. The Lubbock County Commissioners even passed a resolution against tax relief.

Consider this…

Appraisal creep is a hidden tax that allows governments to increase revenues without voting to raise taxes.

The proposed five percent cap provides exactly the kind of protection from appraisal creep that homeowners need.

So if governments want to raise our taxes, they should have to do it in the open.

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