I Beat Pete: Beep Baseball

I Beat Pete: Beep Baseball

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - I Beat Pete was I Beep Pete this week as we played a version of baseball made for the blind and visually impaired. Lubbock will be hosting a beep baseball tournament in July and you can form a team and play.

Everyone is blindfolded and the ball beeps. The pitcher is on your team and he gives two one word commands: ready and swing.

If you are fortunate enough to hit the ball, the umpire will randomly turn on a base at first or third that will buzz. There is no second base. If the batter can find and touch the base before the fielders grab the ball, then you score a run.

There are two seeing spotters in the field that can give a one-word update like a player's first name so they know the ball is near them.

It's so tough to listen and try to hit the beeping baseball so you get four strikes.

This challenge kicks off open registration for the Beep Baseball Tournament July 11 and 12.

People can find more information and get registered at the BEEPball website: lubbockbeepball.org It's loaded with everything beep baseball!

You can also visit alstromangels.org and check the BEEPball website.

Lubbock's First Beeping Baseball Tournament: July 11 & 12

Lubbock Youth Sports Complex (FM 1585 & Milwaukee Avenue)

Team registration opens April 29 - June 6

Register on-line or at Cardinal's Sport Center May 2 & 16 • Noon - 4:00 p.m.

Cost is $40 / Player (8 player minimum to make a team)

Each Team Receives:

• Player orientation meeting

• Tournament shirt for all team members

• Tournament backpack for all team members

• Tournament water bottle for all team members

• 2 practice BEEPballs with charger (on loan)

• Blindfolds for all team members

• Guaranteed 2 game minimum during tournament

Check out the challenge and you'll see you need to get a team together for this great event.

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