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The Smart Tape: Does It Work?

Never misread or forget a measurement again! The Smart Tape is 25 foot tape measure that is digital. "It has buttons you don't see on a standard tape measure," noticed our expert.

Those buttons are for recording your measurements. You can record two 10 second measurements so you don't have to write it down. This product is $10, but Does It Work?

Stan Caballero works at Sutherlands and he uses a tape measure all the time. While I used the standard tape measurer, Stan used the digital one. "It's showing ten foot and half an inch. It's an 1/8 of an inch off from the standard tape measure," said Stan.

And another thing, this digital tape measure was not giving us consistent measurements of the lumber. It was showing us a completely different reading. "When it comes to lumber, when you're trying to fit something perfectly, you have to have it accurate down to the 16th inch or it's not going to work," said Stan.

What a bummer...the Smart Tape didn't even measure up against itself. It Doesn't work!

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