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Dedicated runners battle elements to run every day for years

Dan Chasteen Dan Chasteen
Wesley Burnett Wesley Burnett

"We're built to move and I think that getting out and moving is one of the most important things we can do."

It's a simple concept for Snyder chiropractor Dan Chasteen; a body in motion stays in motion.

But for the people part of the US Running Streak Association, it's more than just a bit of exercise, it's a lifestyle.

"Very committed, maybe even a little compulsive," says Chasteen who is number 343 out of 542. "But something about that appealed to me a little bit."

"The Streak" rules are simple: you must one at least one mile without stopping every calendar day within a 24-hour period.

33 people on the list reside in Texas, but just two call west Texas home.

Chasteen and Wesley Burnett of Andrews, who took a challenge from his 18-year-old daughter. It snowballed into something much more and more than two years later, his streak clock is still ticking.

"Some people say that it's harder to stop than it is to start." Burnett says. And he would agree.

But the streak isn't for just any fair weather fan, a lesson KCBD quickly learned when we traveled to meet Chasteen at his home in Snyder as he ran with us that day, in the pouring rain.

"It's just part of who I am now, not something i have to think a lot about anymore. it's just gonna be part of my routine." Chasteen says.

"I think we all feel better after we've moved. and the fact that I've committed myself to this on a daily basis regardless of the weather or any other concerns. It feels good just to know that it's going to happen."

For more information about the US Running Streak Association go HERE.

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