Consider this...LP&L Pipe Dreams

Consider this...LP&L Pipe Dreams

LP&L's Electric Utility Board is at it again, this time with a harebrained scheme to get into the internet business.

At least one board member wants us to believe that for a small investment, LP&L can provide very high speed fiber-optic internet service to downtown Lubbock customers for just $70 a month.

The project may still be in the idea stage, but it's already being promoted as a necessary key to downtown redevelopment. If the LP&L Board adopts the idea, then it would be up to the city council to approve the electric utility getting into the internet business.

Viewer emails and comments on our story last week were almost unanimously against this idea, and for good reason.

Consider this…

Lubbock Power & Light should have only one priority today: to secure affordable power for 2019 and beyond.

The electric utility is barely six months away from having been in the news weekly for mismanagement and billing errors.

The last thing it should be contemplating is going in to competition with the private sector in a business it knows nothing about.

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