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Teacher You Can Count On - Ashley Osborne

"Time" and "Patience" may not sound like scientific methods, but in Ashley Osborne's class, both work together to get proven results. Osborne has learned that "quality time" with students is the best way to get the results she's looking for in her science classes.

"Zachary your table can go pick up a bucket of solids," says Osborne as her students begin their project for the day.

You won't see any explosions or chemicals being mixed in this science class. That's because first grade teacher Ashley Osborne knows her duty is to begin with the basics.

"You're going to get to roll them on your desk and see if they roll or if they stack," says Osborne as she gives her students various objects to work with.

It's a simple experiment, but it allows Osborne to give her students a lesson on classifying objects by different attributes and properties. While students work to stack and roll objects like a spoon, cork and golf tee, Osborne spends one on one time with each little scientist. She hopes that exercises like this will keep her students coming back for more.

"I just want them to take a love of learning and to love coming to school and to love everything they do," says Osborne.

But "loving" science sometimes means "learning" it over and over again.

"Elijah tell me what are those? Are they stacking and rolling?" says Osborne as she patiently explains the project to her student.

But at the end of the day this teacher you can count on feels she is the one that has truly been blessed.

"I just love coming to work everyday because I get to see their faces and it just makes my day wonderful and rewarding," says Osborne.

Outside of the classroom Osborne is rushing to get a nursery ready. Her and her husband are expecting a baby girl in one month. If there is a teacher you think NewsChannel 11 needs to recognize, send an e-mail to teacher@kcbd.com

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