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Food for Thought Report 2.3

You might wonder why there's a need for health inspectors inside a bar. After all, there's no worry over health issues like cross contamination and food temperatures is there? Actually, you'd be surprised. Bridget Faulkenberry, Lubbock Environmental Health Manager, says, "In the world of food inspections, beverages are considered food, and so anyone that serves food to the public has to have a permit and health and safety inspection."

Food for Thought 2.3
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 2/3/05.

Even at a bar, if those glasses you drink your favorite brew out of are not cleaned properly, you can pass bacteria and germs that cause viral diseases. Faulkenberry says, "No, alcoholic beverages will not sanitize anything, that's widely believed."

To protect bar patrons from myths like that, health inspectors make special night or evening visits to make sure everything is clean, and all food and beverages are in sound condition. Last week health inspectors visited seven area bars. Here's what they found: The Beer Garden portion of the Daiquiri Lounge and the establishment's new sports lounge performed flawlessly with no critical violations. The Daiquiri Lounge itself had one critical violation, as did Whiskey River just down the street. None of the bars visited qualified as low performers, but here's a list of those with two or more critical violations:

  • Chances R
  • The Sportsman's Club
  • Tejano's Club 97
  • Texas Nites
  • Boss Office Bar.

If your favorite hang out did not make the list this week, don't worry. A few bars make the health inspectors list almost every week. Faulkenberry says, "We want to make sure bartenders are washing their hands before handling glasses to drink out of and ingredients in the drink."

Also, the United Supermarket meat counter at 2630 Parkway Drive deserves mention. They had a flawless health inspection last week, making them a top performer.

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