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Brownfield Church Begins Rebuilding After Tragic Fire

Almost eight months after the Brownfield Church of Christ was tragically lost to a fire, the congregation begins a new phase of healing: rebuilding. Groundbreaking of the new church took place on the same land where the old church stood.

"Eight months ago when the building was destroyed by fire on that day it was just heart wrenching and it was hard to imagine anything beyond the next couple of days," explains Church Minister Derek McNamara.

McNamara says it seems like only yesterday they suffered the tragic loss of the Crescent Hill Church, a place of worship that was 57 years old.

Brownfield Church of Christ Picking Up the Pieces
Members of the Brownfield Church of Christ are picking up the pieces after their church was completely destroyed by fire. But even in the aftermath, members are pulling together to make plans to rebuild.

"It's been amazing, it's been a challenge obviously that we would lose the building but because of the faith and the growth the congregation has come together," says McNamara.

Today they find themselves on the brink of a new beginning. "I kind of planned to be carried out of that old building that burned down now I got to live long enough to see the new one," says Tommy Hicks. He has been a member his entire life, grateful to be part of the re-building, he says it's the people that make up the church

"We are the church, not the building and we're going to have a new church and it will be beautiful," expresses Hicks.

In just a few short weeks, builders will arrive and begin construction of the new church and it is expected to be finished as early as September.

Brownfield Church of Christ Rebuilding
The community of Brownfield watched as the Church of Christ burned to the ground. Now the rubble is nearly gone and the vision to re-build has begun.

"The new building and design of new building and cost of new building all those things were shaped by being mission minded and community minded. We wanted to make it nice without being lavish and trying to get the balance of all that," explains McNamara.

In essence, they are combining the spirit of the old church with the new.

The cost of the new Brownfield Church of Christ will be $2.7 million. More than half has been raised by the congregation.

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