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Lubbock County Jail Set for Groundbreaking This Summer

The transition is going to be big. Close to 800 inmates will have to be transferred from the old jail to the new one. That's just one of many concerns jail officials are asking themselves during a two-day meeting designed to make it a smooth transition.

For the first time, Lubbock County inmates will have direct supervision which means an officer is in the same pod as prisoners. That's just one of many concerns field supervisor for the National Institute of Corrections Terry Moran is helping Lubbock County tackle. "Developing documents, policies and procedures. Hiring enough staff to make sure this place operates safely and securely. Reviewing training issues that have to be addressed making sure government knows exactly how to operate the equipment," says Moran.

County One Step Closer To Building New Jail
The actual construction is still a ways away but, Monday the Lubbock County Commissioners sealed a contract that brings the jail one step closer to being built.

Moran is in town as part of a two-day seminar helping county officials find answers to their concerns over building and staffing a new jail. "We hope to enlighten top staff of the enormity of the project and give the tools to put together a plan that will allow us to have a seamless transition from one facility to the next," said Chief Deputy Paul Scarborough. Scarborough says he will have to hire 50 to 100 new officers to run the new jail. That's because the current jail holds nearly 800 inmates. While the new jail could hold up to 1,500.

Meanwhile, the land is currently being prepared for a 2005 ground breaking of the 1,500 bed facility to be completed sometime in 2007. The new jail is located in Northeast Lubbock three miles southeast of the airport. County commissioners say they plan to start taking bids for construction by the end of the month.

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