President's Prescription: CMN Making a Difference

President's Prescription: CMN Making a Difference

What a great weekend this has been! On this station, we have celebrated the Children's Miracle Network… an important fundraiser that comes together every year on the weekend after Memorial Day. And you know who benefits the most? the children in your neighborhood and mine.

The Children's Miracle Network has been getting stronger every year for 32 years. It means we have CMN

to thank for more than $18 million dollars in state-of-the-art equipment and special services to care for the children of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Since CMN is a joint effort of KCBD, UMC Health System, and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, I want you to know how grateful I am as well. As TTUHSC President, I can see the difference your donations make at our facility …and in the medical school….and so can our doctors.

Sharmila Dissanaike, M.D. is Professor of Surgery at TTUHSC: "The CMN money and support of the community has helped with the playroom and all the resources for that therapy, but also with the high level equipment, the latest state of the art monitoring, invasive products, multiple machines that have gone from the neonates to teenagers. All of that has made a big difference and it helps us do what we do to the best level possible."

Whether your money buys lifesaving equipment, or provides special services for kids, all your donations go toward making children more comfortable during an illness or injury… and recover more quickly. And I want to thank you for that…as well as Karin and Abner and all the reporters who make this two-day broadcast a special event by featuring so many children and telling their stories.

I'm so proud to live in Lubbock and to watch how this community steps up to support your area hospital and the Medical school. And I'm looking forward to many more years of miracle stories, because the Children's Miracle Network is making a difference.