President's Prescription: Summer Footwear

President's Prescription: Summer Footwear

Flip-flops tend to be cool, inexpensive, and light-weight, which is why so many people love wearing them during the summer. And high-heeled sandals are what women prefer when the weather is warm so that they can remain fashionable. But understand that these shoes, while they might be fashionable and they might feel cool, they're not necessarily the most healthy shoes you can put on your feet. 

Flip-flops: Considered the classic summer shoe, flip flops are preferred by many for daily wear during the summertime. However, they are usually flat and offer very little support for your feet. They also leave much of your foot vulnerable to being cut or crushed. 

Wedges: Considered glamorous, but more comfortable than a traditional high heel, many women love wedged sandals. However, even though the thick wedge and platform make the shoe more comfortable to wear, anything that adds several inches to your height is essentially guaranteed to put some unnecessary pressure on your feet, which in turn can harm them over time. 

Flat canvas shoes: The increased popularity of many brands of this type of shoe, which are flat and wraps around the foot with canvas has some doctors concerned that they don't offer enough support. While they may feel light and comfortable initially, it's important to look for shoes that will support you and not cause join damage.

So whatever shoes you want to wear during the summertime, make sure you've got proper support and a heel that won't put pressure on your feet. Also, remember you need to place sunscreen on those areas on your feet that are exposed to sunlight during the summertime. The top of the foot is a common area to get skin cancer.