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Teacher You Can Count On - Laura Reagan

Math may be Laura Reagan's specialty, but there are other concepts she has developed outside of her 25 years experience in solving equations.

"Let's have the ladies on the backboard and the men on the front board," Reagan instructs her eighth grade math students.

We all know math is about solving problem after problem after problem, but for many learning math is a problem all of its own and it seems Reagan seems to have found the perfect solution.

"You know honestly math is hard for a lot of children, a lot of people and you really do have to make it fun and you have to make your classroom a place they want to be in. I tell my students I have to have happiness.

Which is exactly what Reagan incorporates in her math lessons.

"We sing a lot in my class and we move a lot in my class. I even make them do dances sometimes quick little dances. So I have a lot of tricks to help them remember how to do things," says Reagan.

"It's at the blackboard that students get to put Reagan's jingles to the test. Besides offering a positive atmosphere and some catchy tunes, Reagan believes that every once in a while it's all right to look at your neighbors work.

"We do work at the board quite a bit and I tell my kids you may cheat, feel free to look at the child next to you because learning from your friends is a great way to learn," says Reagan.

The combination of Reagan's upbeat attitude and laid back way of teaching the problems makes her a teacher you can count on.

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