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Lubbock Police Trained and Armed with New Weapons

The tasers came at a high price. $1,000 per officer, about $300,000 overall. So was it worth it? LPD says, nationally, officer and suspect injuries have decreased dramatically, which alone makes the taser worth the money.

Roy Bassett is one of the officers that has recently been trained with the new weapons, and even though he's not on the street, he agrees each officer should be issued a taser. "Any officer can be put in any situation. We are better off if we need to handle a situation and it's better off for the public."

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The new weapons have air cartridges they shoot up to 15 feet and run in cycles of 5 seconds at 50,000 volts. That's 30,000 more voltage than the old weapons. "High power and low amps make a safe weapon." The Patrol Division Sergeant as well as a certified Taser Trainer, Frank Picon has seen the effects of non-lethal versus lethal force. He says the biggest difference with the new tasers is they effect the sensory and motor skills meaning they do not only cause pain, but they control the muscles as well.

Although tasers have been criticized and blamed for causing un necessary deaths, both officers feel the weapons have proven more effective for officer and public safety.

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