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The Grip and Drive: Does It Work?

This "As Seen On TV" product is called the Grip and Drive.

"It makes it where you don't have to have an additional tool or adapter to hold your screw in there. It's supposed to hold the screw in there so you have a hands free drilling," said Alex Neville, Sutherlands Assistant Store manager.

The secret is this plastic gripper you just slide on to the drill bit. The whole product costs $10, but Does it Work?

"It's a very low RPM item so you're not going to screw anything in fast," said Alex.

To our amazement, the thing worked. It worked even when we turned the wood upright. Alex and I were really liking this product until we brought in a longer wood screw.

The speed was slowing down fast. To the point it wasn't revolving anymore. The fact the Grip and Drive runs on four double A batteries could be the reason why it lost it's power. So we know we can't build a house with it.

"Would you buy it for ten bucks?" asked NewsChannel 11.

"It would be a great Christmas present for my grandmother," said Alex.

The Grip and Drive is a product that could be handy for around the house stuff. I think it will work for that.

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