Consider This...More tax dollars for the NELCDC?

Consider This...More tax dollars for the NELCDC?

Last week the Lubbock City Council approved an additional $255,000 for the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation.

We have told you about numerous conflicts of interest, mismanagement, lack of transparency and financial irregularities at NELCDC.

After years of auditor warnings of material weaknesses in its internal controls, this year NELCDC asked for a criminal investigation of an employee who allegedly made over $35,000 of "unauthorized charges" on the company credit card.

Now the city council is rewarding bad management with even more of our money, almost one million dollars this fiscal year.

Consider this…

Would the city council continue to pour money into other mismanaged Lubbock organizations with this track record in other areas of town?

If this serves a legitimate function of city government then let the city of Lubbock do the job. If not, it is time to reconsider this annual gift of tax dollars.

The NELCDC is an organization that was intended to be financially independent, but has become a leech on the city coffers.

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