President's Prescription: Hair Loss

President's Prescription: Hair Loss

Did you know that we loose about 100 hairs each day. Before you freak out, don't worry it's normal, but there are some people that as they age, they loose hair faster than they replace it resulting in baldness. And that's something that American men do not like. In fact, we spend millions of dollars every year trying to combat this.

Before you shell out money for remedies, consider the truth about the products and methods touted to restore hair.

·         Is there a magic pill? While Finasteride, commonly called Propecia, can be taken to reduce hair loss in the early stages, the results are not immediate, and the window of its effectiveness is narrow. Ask your doctor about it at very first sign of hair loss for best results.

·         What about surgery? Hair transplants are performed by surgically moving hair in follicles from other parts of the scalp to the balding areas. The surgeries have come a long way since it first began. The problem is it's expensive and does not always satisfy the desire to have thick, naturally growing hair.

·         What about substitute hair? Toupees and hairpieces have also come a long way but even these can be expensive.

·         Does anyone care? Maybe, now that you realize how many people actually deal with baldness, you'll be less anxious about it.

There is no cure for baldness. And personally I think that if you want to feel young and energetic you can do that with a sensible, active lifestyle, regardless of how much hair you have. But, if you're absolutely determined to make sure that you don't loose your hair or to replace the hair that you've lost, talk to your doctor. They can come up with a solution for you.