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Enhancing an Old Lubbock Business Corridor

34th Street for years has had dilapidated sidewalks, broken curbs and a look that some business owners say is outdated. Mack Bowers has seen 34th Street thrive and lose its luster in a matter of 40 years and believes 34th Street could regain strength if the business appeal was brought back.

"We're lacking upgrades on the stores and 34th Street. A lot of the interest has gone to the shopping centers," said Mack, who is a Florist at Davis Florist.

Business Development Manager Rob Allison says making 34th Street pro-business is top priority in the city's Stabilization and Revitalization project. It's a project geared by citizens in attempt to strengthen neighborhoods and property values. Allison says the first line of business is street enhancements.

Pushing Toward a Neighborhood Dream
The City of Lubbock is bracing for the biggest undertaking to stablize and revitalize the central core neighborhoods of the city.

The city says 34th Street would look like Broadway. It would have better sidewalks, better streets, better lighting, and more trees and grass. "But also recommended in the plan is to research and evaluate different types of incentives that could help business owners on 34th with renovating or upgrading their properties," said Allison.

He says they will ask for business owner input about the things they want done to 34th Street. Mack says you can bet you'll see Mack there. "We just need to come together," said Mack.

The city has not set a date for the public input meeting but the master plan is up for discussion at the February 24th City Council meeting.

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