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Gun Safety With Children in The Home

A third of the homes with children in this country also have guns inside the house. It's also estimated that almost half of those families keep a gun somewhere unlocked, like a drawer. The concern, of course, is that a loaded gun can be accessible to a child who is not supervised. This after studying a hundred families affected by teen suicide or accidental shooting. The report is in The Journal of the American Medical Association this week gives important advice to those families, that there are four things you can do to dramatically reduce the chance of accidental shootings or teen suicide.

"Locking your gun, unloading your gun, keeping your ammunition locked and keeping the ammunition stored separately from the gun. By keeping your gun locked, you can reduce the risk of a teen suicide or childhood firearm injury in the home by about 70%," says Dr. David Grossman, a Pediatrician and Researcher.

The study applies to handguns, shotguns or rifles. Dr. Grossman says gun owners who worry that a lock could prevent them from getting their gun in a hurry could get a push button combination that would open the lock in a matter of seconds.

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