Consider This...Praise for 311 and Vector Control

Consider This...Praise for 311 and Vector Control

We had a record 12 inches of rain in May and more in June.

And even though plenty of rain means lots of mosquitos, the city of Lubbock Vector Control personnel have been out in force spraying for these pests.

If you live in the city and you have a mosquito problem you should do two things.

First, check your property to ensure there is no standing water where mosquitos can breed. Then dial 311 to let the city know you have a problem.

And, for that matter, if you see any non-emergency problem that is a city responsibility, dial 311.

Whether it is mosquitos, a pothole or a dead animal on the side of the road, I always dial 311 and have had nothing but fast, positive and effective results.

Consider this…the 311 system is something that the city of Lubbock does right.

Problems can't be fixed until the city is aware of them, and the easiest way to let the city of Lubbock know is to dial 311.

If you call 311 with a city issue and you don't have the same results I've had…then email me at and I'll try to find out why.

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