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HealthWise at 5 From 2.11

  • Haloshield Sheets

Some hospital bed linens are getting a high tech coating to kill germs and keep patients healthier. Medline Industries is using Haloshield, a chlorine based coating, on a new line of hospital sheets. Haloshield holds chlorine molecules in place on the sheet's surface. The chlorine molecules are only released when they come in contact with germs, that's when they go to work killing microbes. And though deadly for germs, Haloshield doesn't irritate sensitive skin. The sheets' protective powers are revived by washing in chlorine bleach, and they're now available to hospitals nationwide.

  • Nicotine Vaccines

Disconnecting the nicotine addiction cycle may be as easy as a shot or a patch one day. Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center have isolated a peptide that works with immune system cells. By attaching a nicotine molecule to the peptide, nicotine is presented to the immune cells as a foreign body. The immune system then blocks the normal path nicotine takes, preventing the substance from finding the addiction centers in the brain. At least it appears to work in lab animals. It'll be a few years before human testing begins.

  • Graphy Antimicrobial

Researchers believe leftovers from the winemaking process may help keep food safe. The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture cites the bacteria fighting effects of the extracts from pressed grapes, which include grape seeds, skin and stems, were effective against several common bacteria, including E. Coli. The researchers suggest that the antimicrobial properties of the extract may make it a potent natural agent to prevent food spoilage.

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