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Muddy Alleys Create Trash Pile Up in Lubbock Neighborhoods

"Rain, rain go away" that's what west Lubbock home owners are saying after sloshing through the mud to take out their trash, just to have it keep piling up. Muddy alley-ways have been an on-going problem, and today some residents told us they don't want to pay for a service they're not receiving.

Neighbors pay about $14 a piece, per month, to have the city come and collect their garbage. But when it rains, the trucks can't get through. The city put dumpsters at the end of the street, but that still doesn't take care of the bigger problem.

"The city has done nothing, they won't even put dirt or rocks." Home owner Kim Mintz says the first issue is there's too much mud. Her neighbor Laura agrees, "They can't bring trucks in the alley because they'll sink. Well why should we pay garbage collectors if they don't fix the problem?"

The other problem? Trash collection. Laura Sherrick has lived in her new home since November and has had a garbage truck come through one time. "They put dumpsters at the end of the block, but we don't have access to the dumpsters we pay for."

Neighbors are tired for paying for a service they never use. The city told us streets get this way because the builder did not build drainage. They also say neighbors over water their yards, but home owners say they want a permanent solution.

"We do everything to help them, even if we get it filled with rocks or concrete, it gets pushed back out. Frank Jackson is the paved street foreman. He says it cost the city $50 for each temporary concrete filling, while homeowners pay only $14 a month for garbage collection. He admits the only solution for now, may be mother nature. "People need patience and dry weather."

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