Consider This...LPD mishandled Ysasaga investigation

Consider This...LPD mishandled Ysasaga investigation

Last week KCBD was the first to report that the Lubbock Police Department paid a $10,000 reward to a person of interest in the Mark Ysasaga case.

Christian Castro has known where the body was buried for the past three years and is considered to be an accomplice after the fact in the Ysasaga murder.

Castro was arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping on Friday, June 5. While in custody he was given a phone by police to call Crime Line. By the next day he was released, $10,000 richer and laughing at all of us on social media.

Two weeks later, LPD Assistant Chief Jim Shavers released a ridiculous statement trying to justify the rush to pay off a potential suspect in this murder case.

If your comments on our story are any indication you weren't fooled, and I'm not either.

Consider this…The entire Ysasaga investigation has been mishandled from the very beginning and this latest fiasco is concerning.

There is no justification by Assistant Chief Shavers that makes anyone connected to a murder case worthy of a reward.

I bet the Ysasaga family is not happy to find out that $2,500 of their contribution was given to a potential accomplice.

I think the city council should ask the Texas Rangers to investigate the investigators.

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