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Police Raid High Dollar Gambling Operation

Police are continuing the investigation of yet another 8-liner operation that was busted Saturday night. It happened just after 10:30p.m.. Thousands of dollars in computer equipment and more than $12,000 in cash were confiscated by the Lubbock District Attorney's Office and Wolfforth Police Department.

Internet Access in Wolfforth opened its doors this past summer and just a few months later the District Attorney's Office grew suspicious of illegal gambling. That's when police sparked an ongoing investigation of this establishment, all part of an effort to close down every illegal gambling operation on the South Plains.

"We sent under cover folks in here and they came in, played the games, got paid off in cash and that was the basis for the search warrant," explains Chief John Grace from the DA's office.

8-Liner Machines Destroyed
Courts bulldoze 8-liners in Potter County.

It seemed like an innocent operation: computers set up with games for the public, operators promising players the chance at scoring high dollar amounts

"There were approximately 50 machines in here being used for casino-type gambling," says Chief Grace. Though there are no eight liners in sight Internet Access operators were running programs that resembled 8 liners on dozens of PC's, awarding up to $3,200 dollars in cash and breaking the law.

"You can not pay cash or pay money for a chance to win something of value," says Grace.

It's the latest raid in an effort to crack down on illegal gambling operations. In the meantime police continue to send out the message loud and clear to those who attempt to find loop holes in the law.

"We're going to watch you, we're going to put undercover people in here and if we catch you we will prosecute you," warns Grace.

More Money Confiscated From Lubbock Eight Liner Raid
More money is seized from alleged illegal gambling operations that police raided in south central Lubbock. This time the money was found in it's two bank accounts.

Police have not filed any charges against the operator of Internet Access. However, he could face up to two years in jail and a $4,000 fine for each count in a slew of Class A misdemeanors. As for the players, they could receive a $500 fine. At this time no one has been cited but police say punishing the players may be more likely in future raids.

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