Consider This...Viewer comments about LPD hiring practices

Consider This...Viewer comments about LPD hiring practices

Last week we were the first to tell you that the Department of Justice believes that Lubbock Police Department testing for job applicants discriminates against Hispanics and women.

Here's what you had to say about that announcement.

Amanda said, "I'm a Hispanic female who is interested in trying out for LPD. I'm intelligent and know I can pass the written test but know I need to work on my fitness… Rules are rules and I appreciate the police we have in our city!"

And Mario wrote, "If you want the job, pass the test. It's that simple. I don't care if it's a written exam or a physical test. I'm an Accountant/Auditor with an MBA and I'm also Hispanic. Bottom line is work for what you want and quit playing the Race card."

But Erin may have said it best, "Actually, having different rules for people based on ethnicity or gender is discrimination. A female cop needs to be able to take out a violent criminal just like a man. Giving them lower standards would put them and the public in danger."

Consider this…I agree with our viewers. Perhaps the Justice Department needs to reexamine its own standards and let Lubbock take care of itself.

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