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HealthWise at 5 From 2.14

  • Commercial Canola Oil

We love our fried food, but not the unhealthy fat that comes along with them. A new restaurant, Quality Canola Oil, can help cut out some of the trans fats from our favorite eat-out foods. Dow Agrosciences developed the highly-stable canola oil to replace more commonly used partially-hydrogenated oils in commercial kitchens. The oil contains 7% saturated fat, and according to the company, can reduce the trans fat content of french fries by over 75%.

  • Pounding Pulse

Checking your pulse while exercising is a smart way to make sure you're working in your target range. However, if you're dehydrated, your pulse may be pounding but it isn't because you're getting the most from your exercise. A study in the Online Journal of Exercise Physiology finds even mild dehydration will boost your heart rate, but isn't improving your oxygen consumption - the cardio fitness you're striving for. The researchers say the more you drink before exercising, the more effective your workout will be.

  • Tinnitus C.D.

There are no words on this CD, but the sounds could be music to the ears of someone with Tinnitus, a chronic ringing or hissing in the ears. Pure-white noise had developed a series of hour long compact discs of subtle sounds, like a bathroom shower running or the hum of an air purifier. The company says the white noise can compete with the incessant din caused by Tinnitus or other inner ear disorders, masking the abnormal sounds.

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