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A Pre-Schooler's View of Valentine's Day

Whether you're five or fifty, Valentine's Day is a time to remember those we love. NewsChannel 11 spent the day at Ballenger Head Start where love reigns in its most pure and innocent form.

On the count of three, the kids dove into their Valentine's boxes. Michael says he got "Some candy and some love letters." Christopher, exclaiming "It's my turn to talk." adds, "We get to take our boxes home.

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When we asked Rebecca: "What's Valentine's Day?" She says, "It's about having friends and making friends have great fun." Sebastian has a simple answer to the question "Why do you have Valentine's parties?" He says, "Cuz it's Valentine's." And when you ask Christopher: "What's Valentine's Day?" He simply states: "Monday."

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Of course a few kids have crushes, but you have to coax it out of them. At first Rebecca says no, but then she admits "Just this one boy, Marcus." Alisya says, "I love my mom and dad. I love Sebastian." But Sebastian gave a rose to Samantha. When we ask "Is she cute?" "Is she nice?" "Is she your friend?" Sebastian just nods.

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