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3 Recruits: Same Goal, Different Roads

Citizens told city council public safety is their number one concern, and city council answered with adding nearly a hundred new officers to our police force. But trying to pick the best of the best is no easy task.

44 recruits walked into class and awaited the rules that they will live by for the next 23 weeks. The Police Academy is taught military style with no exceptions to the rules, and if one person messes up, the whole class will pay.

"One reason I came back, my father was an officer for 20 years, and he died of cancer in 1996," Kody Nesbitt's father worked for Lubbock police. Although Kody was making a good living in San Antonio as a computer programmer, he could never find the fulfillment that his father found in his career. "It's in my nature. I saw my father, saw what it takes, and I feel God told me to do this."

Largest Class Ever Not Enough for Lubbock Police Academy
The 44 new recruits began their 23 week training Monday morning. This class is moving Lubbock closer to its goal of two officers for every 1,000 citizens.

Olivia Lopez is one of the few women to make the academy, and with two kids and a husband at home, it's not going to be easy. "I don't look at it as being a woman, I just want to keep getting better every day." Already armed with experience in criminal justice classes from South Plains College, Olivia says no matter what, this is the career she was born to do. "I want to see myself in a uniform."

"I enjoy helping people, I can't think of a better way, couldn't imagine anything else." Jonathan Tutino, a Lubbock native, believes the biggest challenge will be the class size, and making sure each recruit makes it to graduation day. "We need to build a team, we now have 44 individuals that we need to mold into one, it's intimidating to me."

All three recruits face different roads ahead, but even in day one, the class of 2005-A is becoming a team.

The first assignment the recruits have is to go out and find qualified friends to fill out an LPD application so they can take the entrance exam on April 2nd.

Next week we'll check back with Jonathan, Kody, and Olivia and see their progress in the program, as well as how many of their classmates are sticking with it.

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