Consider this...4th on Broadway experiment failed

Consider this...4th on Broadway experiment failed

4th on Broadway is to be congratulated for completing 25 years as Lubbock's downtown celebration.

This mainstay of Lubbock entertainment was back in full form this year with its evening concert featuring first-class entertainment.

But after reading the reviews and comments about the 4th on Broadway parade route down east Broadway and through Mackenzie Park I agree with you that this was an experiment that failed.

Event organizers were quoted as saying that the reason for moving the parade and street fair to Mackenzie Park was a lack of parking due to the development of North Overton.

That's ridiculous!

People flock to downtown parades on Broadway several times a year and the fact that they have to walk a few blocks doesn't deter families that want fun, safe entertainment.

From the safety concerns of a narrower parade route to the accidents caused by the backup of traffic on the interstate, this move was a disaster.

Consider this…I hope the sponsors and organizers of 4th on Broadway will encourage Chairman Don Caldwell to return the event to its roots on Broadway in downtown Lubbock between Texas Tech and Avenue Q.

Common sense says, "Move it back."

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