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Tech Fans Bask in Glow of Seasons’ Biggest Win

No doubt about it, if the Red Raiders are taking the court, you can count on Tech's painted, wigged out Fro Bros. and Monday's game against the university of Kansas gave them more than enough to cheer about. Fro Bro., Armen Williams says, “Dora hits the three with four seconds left and we're going crazy. Emotions were up and down. It was a roller coaster. It was unbelievable.” Fellow Fro Bro. Cole Whisenhunt says, “There were so many highs and lows. It was exhausting. It was awesome.”

Red Raiders Stun #2 Kansas in Double-OT Thriller
Darryl Dora hit a 3-pointer with 3.6 seconds remaining in the second overtime to give Texas Tech an 80-79 victory over No. 2 Kansas on Monday night, the Jayhawks' first conference loss this season.

The Fro Bros. may look like they've gone berserk when they're caught up with play on the court, but they're really a highly organized fraternity of sorts. Pre-game, every game, is spent tirelessly digging up dirt, or just plain facts on Tech's next victim; anything to get into their heads, and Monday it just might have worked. Fro Bro., Jordan Strebeck says, “I was looking up Morris on the net and told Armen 'We've got nothing on him except for maybe he's too good.’ He said take that and run with it, so Cole and I were ragging on him for not taking a football scholarship and he was talking back to us and if he's talking to us he's not thinking about shutting us out, or guarding his man. He's thinking about the morons in red paint.”
Fear the Fro is their motto and they can be found whooping it up for their favorite team at Texas Tech sporting events.  Learn more about the FRO BROS!

The vision for the Fro Bros. is to rival the 'Cameron Crazies' of Duke University. And if the Fro Bro's had their way, the United Spirit Arena would become the Cameron Stadium of the West. Fro Bro., Kenton Dubose says, “We just want to continue to raise the level and raise the energy level and pack the seats every game.” Jordan says, “We want people to say 'Oh jeeze, we have to play at the United Spirit Arena and deal with those idiots in the front row with the wigs on being in our shorts the whole game.”

When it all paid off Monday and fans emptied their seats to claim the court for their victory celebration, if the Fro Bro.'s could find one complaint, it's that those seats were never full. They challenge tech fans, especially students, to pack the house for every game.

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