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What Is This Thing Called Love?

What is this thing called love?

According to Helen Fisher of Rutgers University, it is just a bunch of chemicals-different hormones controlling our behavior. In fact, Fisher says it is eerily similar to mental illness.

It would seem that we are attracted to someone because we think they have good genes. We like what they look like and even what they smell like and want to pass that on to our children.

Love has three stages:

  • Lust - It is driven by our sex hormones and makes us want to start looking for an object of our affection.
  • Attraction - We can think of nothing but the object of our desire. It is the result of a group of neurotransmitters, the monamines. These include adrenalin which causes racing heart beats and sweaty palms. The most important is serotonin, which may make us temporarily insane, according to Fisher.
  • Attachment - The long lasting commitment which keeps a couple together for the important role of raising a family. Oxytocin is released by both sexes and is the cement that bonds. Vasopressin keeps that bond strong.
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