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"From Lubbock With Love" Wraps Up Just Shy of the Goal

A six week long fund raising effort for tsunami victims came to a close Tuesday, February 15th. Up to that date, the total for the "From Lubbock With Love" campaign stood at just more than $900,000. Tuesday night's benefit concert at the was the last major event raising money for the victims.

More than 400 tickets were sold and sales from the concert will be added to the total, which will contribute to the original goal of one million dollars. But campaign heads estimated they'll still hit the mark.

"I think with anyone when you hear that at the first press conference your first thought is oh my goodness, that's such a huge amount," said American State Bank Marketing Director and Project Organizer, Kay Miller.

From Lubbock With Love Tsunami Campaign
Learn more about this million dollar effort to help the tsunami victims in Asia.

On January 1st, the goal was announced. "From Lubbock With Love" would raise $1,000,000 for Breedlove Dehydrated Foods, the local Salvation Army and Red Cross. A seemingly lofty goal for a tragedy that happened halfway around the world.

"So many different partners have stepped up and have been donating their time and services. It's just been amazing to watch it grown and see how so many people in West Texas have found some way to give," added Miller.  

Throughout the campaign, donations could be made at the checkout lanes at United Supermarkets.

"People can donate very easily when you shop at United or Market Street locations, just by adding $1, $5, $10 or $100 on to your tape total," said United Supermarkets Marketing Director, Renee Underwood in January when the effort began.

NewsChannel 11's "From Lubbock With Love" telethon helped raise more than$ 130,000 at the beginning of the effort. As the Valentine's Day deadline grew closer, the community still found a way to give.

Telethon Raises $136,000 for Tsunami Victims
For six hours NewsChannel 11 hosted a telethon to raise money for tsunami victims. From Lubbock With Love, is a city wide effort spearheaded by United Supermarkets and American State Bank and so far the generosity of the people on the South Plains brought the total raised to just under a half a million dollars.

"The effort has not fallen off. I mean it's been continual the entire time for people to come up with creative ways to raise money," said Miller.

Students from Lubbock ISD threw in nearly $38,000. Other fund raising efforts were smaller, but every little bit really does count.

"Without the people of West Texas really opening their heart to this, obviously that goal would've just been a number," said Miller.

After the final fund raising amount is tallied, the money will be distributed to Breedlove, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

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