Consider This...Time to call the Texas Rangers to investigate LPD

Consider This...Time to call the Texas Rangers to investigate LPD

It has been more than three weeks since the Lubbock Police Chief was demoted and the Assistant Chief in charge of investigations was moved laterally to another department.

This came after a potential murder suspect was paid $10,000, then set free.

And now, in a KCBD exclusive on Monday, we brought you evidence of a cover-up by the Lubbock Police Department. LPD requested the deletion of Christian Castro's arrest report the day after a media request for that information.

Consider this…I am not okay with the Lubbock Police Department investigating its own top management. I think it is time that the city manager and council called in the Texas Rangers to do their own investigation.

If you are bothered by what is going on with the police department's management, you should let Lubbock City Manager James Loomis know how you feel. Loomis' email address is

And while you're at it, copy or email your concerns to the mayor and your city council representative.

We've made it easy for you by publishing all of their email addresses here:

Mayor Glen Robertson -

Victor Hernandez (District 1) -

Floyd Price (District 2) -

Jeff Griffith (District 3) -

Jim Gerlt (District 4) -

Karen Gibson (District 5) -

Latrelle Bright Joy (District 6) -

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