Museum photos show Ralls once compared to Lubbock in size

Museum photos show Ralls once compared to Lubbock in size

RALLS, TX (KCBD) - The Ralls Historical Museum has collections that reveal in the 1920's, Ralls was comparable to Lubbock in size.

Ralls' founder, John R. Ralls and his brother Percy, built brick buildings and rented them to merchants.

They were convinced Ralls had the best farming land in Texas, because they irrigated from deep wells to make crops of cotton, wheat and cereal grains.

In 1911, J.R. Ralls contributed 12 acres for a school site. Four years later, he also offered donation of 2,000 acres for site of Texas Technological College.

Since Lubbock received Texas Tech, it grew rapidly.

Consequentially, there are plenty of the Ralls' brick business buildings waiting to be filled.

"Part of at least the future of these small towns is entrepreneurship," said museum employee Mary Helen Jamerson, "and as people learn to use the internet, you're going to see the storefronts won't be any bigger than they are now, but the activity inside will be."

To find out even more history of Ralls and to see how West Texas life was like a century ago, visit the Ralls Historical Museum downtown.

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