Ralls Girl Scouts volunteer to revamp park

Ralls Girl Scouts volunteer to revamp park

RALLS, TX (KCBD) - A group of Ralls Girl Scouts have a special mission to revamp their community's park.

It has equipment these teens, their mothers and even some of their grandmothers played on as kids.

So over the course of the summer, these teenagers will work to repaint each piece to make it a more attractive hangout spot.

While giving back to the community may not be at the top of every teenager's summer list…these girls never think twice when they meet to work.

"Girl Scouts teaches you to set goals in your life, and to achieve them," said one of the members, as she scraped the paint from a wooden play set.

However, they aren't the only ones taking a stand for their community.

A non-profit group, known as as the Citizens for Code Compliance, have cleaned

It is group of about 15 volunteers who clean and maintain Ralls, and even aim to improve it by planting flowers and other tasks.

In fact, they have received grants for the past two years to even tear down vacant houses in Ralls.

If you would like to help volunteer to improve Ralls, call Jim McDuff at 806-790-5356.

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