Library has kids visit Ralls Quilting Club

Library has kids visit Ralls Quilting Club

RALLS, TX (KCBD) - Every Hero has a story.

That is the theme of the summer reading program at the Ralls Community Library.

Almost every week, the library hosts an activity within this category, to make learning fun for kids during the summer.

But this past week, they got to meet some of their very own heroes that were just around the corner from the library: the Prairie Thimble Quilting Bee Club.

This organization has been in Ralls since the 1970's. They have about 17 members, some who drive from out of town to attend the meetings in their downtown building.

Together, they gather around a project and utilize teamwork to patch together their goal.

They estimate they have made hundreds and hundreds of quilts together.

The Prairie Thimbles Quilting Bee Club is always looking for new members of all ages to keep their tradition going.

You can enter a raffle to win one of their quilts by attending this year's Cotton Boll festival in September 12 in downtown Ralls.

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