Four generations refurbish Muleshoe's town mascot

Four generations refurbish Muleshoe's town mascot

MULESHOE, TX (KCBD) - A huge staple in the town of Muleshoe is a mule replica known as Ol' Pete.

Ol' Pete is now 50-years-old and sits next to the city's chamber of commerce office.

The Shipman family is in charge of taking care of the town's mascot and has been doing so for four generations.

A part of the fourth generation is Blayne Shipman. He just graduated as valedictorian from Muleshoe High School. He says Ol' Pete is a figure many visitors look for when they come to the town.

"To be bestowed the honor of being asked to refurbish it, just to show the success of us," Blayne Shipman said. "That we would be placed with such an honorary position, is definitely something to be proud of."

The tradition got its start back in 1970.

Todd Shipman, owner of Shipman's Body Shop and vice president of the town's chamber of commerce, says as the third generation to refurbish the mule replica, he is loves the town he lives in.

"We've been doing it for the last 40 years," Todd Shipman said. "So, when he sits outside for many years in the sun, then we take him and sand it back down because he's made of fiberglass. We refinish him and make him look new again."

The Shipman's tell us they hope their family will continue to refurbish Ol' Pete for many generations to come.

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