Muleshoe family cares for cows at Prairie View Dairy farm

Muleshoe family cares for cows at Prairie View Dairy farm

MULESHOE, TX (KCBD) - Raising cows is no easy feat, but here in Muleshoe the Hancock family works to provide a comfortable place for their animals.

Providing milk to a nearby cheese plant- the Prairie View Dairy Farm employs Muleshoe residents and even puts money back into the community by purchasing feed and other necessary items here locally.

Welcome to Prairie View Diary Farm, where 4,200 cows are here to provide milk—primarily for a cheese plant.

This family owned business is something James Hancock could never imagine living without.

Hancock is the manager of the daily farm that his father owns.

"I actually left to do marine biology in Galveston," Hancock said. "I got, I guess what you call, homesick. I like the cows, I like the smell, which is totally bizarre. But, I did. I wanted to come back here and do this, because it's a family thing."

From infancy to full grown, these cows are waited on hand and foot.

He says the farm only buys cows when expanding the business.

"All of the cows on our place are born and raised here," he said.

Hancock was born and raised here in Muleshoe and says being a dairyman is so fulfilling for him.

He tells us from 2-years-old the cows are milked twice a day.

He says milk is highly regulated and when milk leaves the cow's utters it will be about 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, it's chilled to be 35 degrees in order for it to be safe for human consumption.

These spotted animals are family for James Hancock.

"I like working with the cows, I'm not much of a people person, but cows are easier to get along with," he said.

He tells us that some of the cows act like mean high school girls - they separate themselves from the herd and even bully other cows to show their dominance.

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