Muleshoe's Barrett family produces 1,000 truck loads of potatoes each year

Muleshoe's Barrett family produces 1,000 truck loads of potatoes each year

MULESHOE, TX (KCBD) - On the way into town located on U-S 84 is a potato shed owned by the Barrett family. Barrett Produce ships potatoes all over the country.

The Barrett family says they've been working in the potato industry here since the 1940's when the owner's parents moved here from Idaho.

Owner, Richard Barrett, says he grew up in the industry.

"I started as a young man in Hereford doing it, really as a school kid," Richard Barrett said. "And, I grew up in the business and finally had a chance to buy one of the facilities and did that."

He says he couldn't imagine doing much more than working in this potato shed.

"Basically, what we do is we grow, pack and ship potatoes to, basically every point east of here," he said.

The CEO of the potato shed, Keith Barrett, says this shed provides mostly red potatoes to several food services and grocery chains such as United, HEB and Walmart.

"We have about 13-14 hundred acres of potatoes to harvest between the end of June through end of August," Keith Barrett said.

The potatoes come in by the truck loads and are washed, surveyed, and packaged.

So, how many potatoes is that?

"I'd say, like, 400,000 weights or something like that, yea, it's close 1,000 truckloads, that might be easier to fathom," Richard Barrett said.

The Barretts also have a produce stand that started last year, where they sell various fruits and vegetables, something they try to keep as local as possible.

All in all....

"It's a family business and it's been going on for four generations and we hope to continue for it to grow and continue on," Richard Barrett said.

He tells us he eats potatoes almost every day and will never get tired of them.

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