Muleshoe High School raises new Ag barn

Muleshoe High School raises new Ag barn

MULESHOE, TX (KCBD) - Muleshoe High School just built a new agriculture project barn a little over a year ago.

It gives students a lot more space when working on their Ag projects.

Muleshoe Independent School District's Sam Whalin says about 175 high school students are learning how to plan, build, sand and, even weld.

"These are skills that kids, especially in this area, could use the rest of their life, if they need to," Whalin said. "As far as welding, knowing what to build, you know, how to build stuff, the proper way to build it, make it functional. They do a mighty fine job."

He says he is so impressed with the different projects students have worked on the school district even purchased a stock trailer from a graduating senior to use.

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