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The First Alert Alarm: Does It Work?

Keep curious kids out of kitchen cabinets that contain dangerous chemicals or how about intruders out of your home? You might be able to with the First Alert Alarm. Four come in the package and cost $10, but Does It Work?

Just peel and stick it to where you want and switch it to the sound you want; alarm or chime. Finding a place that it would stick to was the tricky part. The first place we tried didn't work, because the magnetic sensor was too far from the alarm unit.

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We finally found a way to install the First Alert to the cabinet. It was a little bit difficult with the moulding on the kitchen cabinet door under the sink. We got the unit to work and tested it on two young children.

The kids didn't seem to mind the noise, but the alarm is loud enough to alert a parent in another room to what's going on.

Next, we tried the alarm on this bedroom window. The application wasn't as hard as on the cabinet. The window was armed and if an intruder were to open this window, the alarm would constantly sound off.

I think that what this alarm sound basically does is allow the person that is in that room to be alerted to what is happening on the other side of their window. Keep this in mind, the First Alert Alarm can not replace a home security system but it is a good idea to have for different places in your home, just in case. It works!

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