President's Prescription: Getting Fit Online

President's Prescription: Getting Fit Online

Move over Facebook and eHarmony, a new trend has people logging on in order to knock off the pounds. A number of websites are offering comprehensive fitness regimens that include sessions with a trainer, they include dieticians, they even include a grocery list that you can use when you're trying to track your calories. But do they work? Here's some ideas on what you can do when you're looking for online fitness programs.

Narration: With a significantly lower cost than paying for each of these services in a traditional manner, there are some people signing up for comparably low-priced monthly subscriptions that promise actually a very high reward. I've often said that whatever your fitness goal, whether to lose weight, gain strength or for a specific goal, there generally needs to be both diet and exercise changes in order to accomplish it. Some of the online programs can actually help you to be successful on both sides of this equation.

Additionally, many people are intimidated by working out with a trainer in the gym and they might be more inclined to seek help from the privacy of their own homes. If the service offers a quality work out from home, that's great. Then again, the remote trainer may not compel everyone to keep their appointments.

For those folks, there's even another kind of fitness service might be useful. Did you know there are apps that actually allow you to pledge a dollar amount for each scheduled work out of the week? Having to pay other members in your pledge group for missing your run may be just the thing you need to get out of bed on time.

Whatever program you pick, there are two things that are important if you want to succeed, accountability and support.  And one last thing: Before you exercise make sure to talk to your doctor.