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HealthWise at 5 From 2.18

  • Seeing Red

Migraine patients might have a future treatment in a contact. A meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Group reported on a study for patients with photophobic, or light intensified, migraine headaches. In the study, patients inserted dark red-tinted contact lenses during an attack. Among the 33 patients, all but five experienced total pain relief after wearing the lenses for a few minutes. The researchers believe the red lenses keep out irritating light wavelengths, but let wavelengths that relieve the pain go through. Further tests are planned.

  • Men and Seatbelts

Buckling up is automatic for almost 90% of Americans, but some miss the click. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says that young men, from their late teens to late twenties, are the least likely to wear a seatbelt when they drive or ride in a car. According to the agency, men were three times as likely as women to seldom, or never, buckle up. And, living in a more rural area also contributed to lower seatbelt use, with people in these areas twice as likely to skip the seatbelt as city dwellers.

  • Smoking Site

A "quit smoking" resolution sometimes needs a little help, and a web based program might provide that boost. "Freedom From Smoking," offered by the American Lung Association at . Is an Internet based support program. Unlike cigarettes, the entire site is free of charge. Mentors are linked with folks who want to kick the habit, with more encouragement available from message boards and educational programs.

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