Consider This...Demanding accountability for storm water fees

Consider This...Demanding accountability for storm water fees

You may or may not know this name: John Beck.

Beck is president of Beck Steel in North Lubbock. He's a Texas Tech grad who started a business off the South Loop back in 1971.

While his business is steel, he claims the city of Lubbock is virtually stealing our money.

John Beck is suing the city of Lubbock over the way that it uses money collected from your storm water fees.

Beck believes the city is misusing as much as $18 million per year.

In the lawsuit, Beck claims the city is using storm water fees to create a profit to pay other obligations.

The city hasn't commented. Lubbock officials say they want to read the lawsuit first.

Consider this…

I commend Mr. Beck and believe he is going down the right road by demanding the city account for itself.

It's about time someone ask the city how our storm water fees are being used.

Storm water fees have created a firestorm in our community and it's important we as citizens and business owners ask the tough questions of our city leaders.

The city told Mr. Beck it hasn't done anything wrong.

I'll be watching to see if a judge agrees.

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