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Two Lubbock County Murders Could Possibly Be Linked

New developments in two separate Lubbock County murder cases could link the two together. Cynthia Palacio was found dead in July 2003, Linda Carbajal was found dead nine months later in April 2004. However, an autopsy report could link the two cases.

Both women had prostitution records, and both bodies were found half-nude in similar settings in rural outlying areas of the county. Carbajal's autopsy report, released Friday, February 18th, reveals her cause of death was blunt force trauma and strangulation, the same as Palacio's.

In previous interviews with NewsChannel 11, investigators have said they think the two murders could be linked, however they had no evidence to support it.

"I think there's probably a likelihood it could be the same person, we don't have a suspect to be able to tie them together with, " said Lubbock County Sheriff's Office Investigator, Cody Scott.

Now that both women have been examined, DNA collected from the two bodies will be turned over to the DPS lab for testing. Scott hopes the DNA will lead them to a suspect.

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