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Batter, Butter and Syrup Raise Thousands of Dollars

"I have a short stack and I have a sausage and I have a good appetite," says Emilia Casnova, as she holds her overflowing plate.

Emilia, better known as Granny, is more generous than most. "You want some? You want it?" asks Emilia as she offers her plate.

After 22 years of volunteering at the Lions Club Pancake Festival, she's taking a break. "I'm 83. They don't let me now," says Emilia.

Even though she couldn't flip, she didn't want to miss out so, like everyone else, she waited patiently in line at the Lubbock Civic Center. "I waited one hour from right there to there," says Emilia.

So while "Granny" and others waited, volunteers like Bill Blann flipped and tossed pancakes at lightning speed. "For the next week I'll be doing that in my sleep," says Blann as he twists his arm in a flipping motion.

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Back in line, a little mariachi music drowns out the sound of growling stomachs and is also effective in keeping the hungry entertained. With all the waiting though, it would seem like people would be worried about the food running out. The Lions Club is prepared though, with items that include 5,000 pounds of pancake mix, 1,680 bottles of maple syrup and to top it all off, 40,000 pounds of sausage. Judging from the satisfied expressions, it's well worth the wait.

"They're really good," says one pancake eater.

"Mmmm that's good," says another pancake eater.

"It's amazing," says Howard Darwin, president of the Lions Club. Darwin isn't talking about the pancakes though. "We plan on raising $100,000." All of which will be donated to local organizations. "This last week we gave $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club to help them with an after school program," says Darwin.

For "Granny" it's benefiting organizations like this that makes waiting in line not so long.

"It's worth it. You know why? Because we're helping these children and this money belongs to the ones that need it. We don't need it, but they do," says Emilia.

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