Consider this...Don't penalize Lubbock County homeowners

Consider this...Don't penalize Lubbock County homeowners

This week Lubbock County Commissioners voted in favor of a two cent property tax increase for the upcoming year.

Commissioners excused the increase by citing needs for more sheriff deputies and equipment, a cost of living adjustment for county employees and raises for lawyers in the District Attorney's office.

All in around $2 million. I for one strongly support the needs of the Sheriff and District Attorney.

But, here's what the county is forgetting and hoping you and I will too.

They will already collect an additional three million dollars next year on increased property values that will more than cover those items.

So it is ridiculous for the Commissioner's to ask us for a tax increase.

Consider this…last year County Commissioners gave themselves a fat raise and justified it because they are the "managers" of the county.

Well it's time for them to do their job and manage.

Businesses and families can't magically create additional income by taking from someone else. Why should government?

Don't penalize us as homeowners because the county can't balance its checkbook.

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