I Beat Pete: Fireman Football

I Beat Pete: Fireman Football

PETERSBURG, TX (KCBD) - I have a list of crazy challenge ideas that I come up with in case I need a challenge one week. one that has been on the list for 8 years is fireman football. I always thought it would be cool to see if you could avoid being tackled by water pressure.

I've tried with many area fire department to do the challenge, but for a variety of reasons, it never worked out, until this week. Thank you Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department.

This weekend is Petersburg Day, a celebration of Petersburg with a parade at 10:30. My kids and I are excited to be in the parade.

This week's challenge, 8 years in the making was against the Petersburg Buffaloes six-man football team.

We would run with the football 40 yards and in the first half be hit by 160 pounds of water pressure from one hose on a narrow football field and then in the 2nd half face 320 pounds of water pressure from two hoses on a bigger field.

The object was not to fumble the football or fall or have you knee touch the ground before you cross the goal line for a fireman football touchdown.

We did this on a 95 degree day so it was a win regardless of what happened.

The Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department is in serious need of volunteers so if you live in the area and are interested, please call them.

I want to thank and pray for every man and woman who serves at a fire station. THANK YOU!

Check out the challenge. If you have a creative idea, email me at ibeatpete@kcbd.com.

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