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Reese Area Residents Discuss Groundwater Cleanup

Contaminated water has been a concern for residents, living near the former Reese Air Force Base, for more than a decade. Now a new company is in charge of the groundwater clean up, and Tuesday night ARCADIS called a town hall meeting to discuss its main goal.

Reese Water Contamination Update
For years, ground water near the Reese Technology Center has been contaminated with a substance called Trichloroethylene which, if consumed, can damage the kidneys, liver and harm unborn babies. But does this remain a threat to area residents?

"We want to speed up the ground water clean up at the base," ARCADIS Project Manager, Laurie Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the current plans may take up to 40 years to deal with groundwater problems. ARCADIS hopes to speed the process up to a range of only 10 years. Back in 1993, a chemical from the base leaked into groundwater. Since then, efforts have been in place to restore the areas's groundwater.

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